Jewelry Organization & Storage

Jewelery organization and Storage

My Jewelry storage was in need of a major over haul. I was keeping my jewelry in plastic boxes, but I went to The Container Store the other day, and picked up the new Jewelry Stackers for my jewelry collection.

 I sorted through my jewelry and decided what I wanted to keep, and what I wanted to donate. All of the items I chose to donate went into a small shopping bag.

The rest of my collection I sorted out and put into the stackers jewelry box.


I LOVE these storage stackers because you can add compartments as your collection grows, plus it has tons of compartment options for all my jewelry pieces.


I purchased this bangle holder from Michaels a while back. These are GREAT for storing my favorite bangles & cuffs.


I got this awesome ceramic box that came with my Budha Girl bangles. I still keep my “all weather” bangles in that box.



Can’t go wrong with a bow ring!! =)



Hope you enjoyed this post, and it inspired you to organize your jewelry too.

xo, Rachel