‘Will you be my bridesmaid?’

‘Will you be my bridesmaid?’ – creative ways to ask the question

After speaking with a number of our lovely customers this summer we found that there is a growing trend of our Stackers jewellery boxes being used as part of their wedding day.

Our favourite story this summer was hearing that a bride asked her bridesmaids to be part of her big day using our Stackers mini jewellery boxes. Filled with the jewellery she wished the bridesmaids to wear at the wedding, the gift came along side a card asking ‘Will you be my bridesmaid?’ how could anyone say no!

jewellery box bridesmaid giftThis got us thinking, we love the idea of getting creative when asking your friends to be bridesmaids so we have got together a list of our favourites to hopefully give you some ideas.

Personalised wine bottles

personalised wine bottle for bridesmaid

Propose a dinner party or cheese and wine night at yours and set the table using wine bottles as name placers. You’ll sure to be toasting your wedding all night long! Shop here

Scratch cards

wedding scratch card

With such a great selection to choose from on etsy and not on the high street scratch cards are a super cute way to ask the question, we advise including a penny in the envelope for easy scratching! Shop here

Custom jigsaw or word search

bridesmaid jigsaw

If you want to make it personal and build suspense then set your bridesmaids on a mission like this great crossword from etsy, if they are a foodie why not get the jigsaw printed on cakes or marshmallows? Shop here

Pop the question…literally!

will you be my bridesmaid balloonFilling helium balloons with the question hidden inside, along with glitter and confetti of course, is a great way to get your bridesmaids jumping for joy (or out of fright from the noise) about your big day. Shop here

Bridesmaid survival kit

bridesmaid survival kitThere are so many cute options around, or why not create your own depending on what they can expect, notebooks, pens, painkillers or mini bottles of wine make this personal to you and your bridesmaids. Shop here

We hope these have given you some inspiration and if you ever use Stackers jewellery boxes then we would love to see the photos!